Virtual Video

Why pay between $500 and $600 for a 90sec property video and still have to pay extra for your photography?

Professionally photographed and retouched stills are included in each and every Surroundpix Virtual Video package.

A Surroundpix Virtual Video package, including stills, will give you with the look and feel of an expensive video production for less than the cost of video alone!

Virtual video packages can be ordered with or without an Interactive Floorplan, the choice is yours!

A Surroundpix Virtual Video Interactive Floorplan package will provide you with all the media you need to promote your vendor's property, Virtual Video, Professional Photography, Floorplan and Interactive Floorplan.

Today's buyers are spending an increasing amount of time researching and looking for property on the internet.

With a Surroundpix Virtual Video Interactive Floorplan package prospective buyers can have their own Virtual inspection of a property whenever they like - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Click here to view unit virtual video sample

A sample unit virtual video

Click here to view house virtual video sample

A sample house virtual video

Ordering surroundplan Virtual Videos is easy!

Just call us on 1300 30 32 40 and you can have your Virtual Videos online within a matter of days.